3 Simple Brand Design Tips You Can Start Applying Today

Branding. The buzzword of the century, am I right? I know. I’m exhausted from hearing it too (and it’s literally my job). 

Riley, here: Co-founder of Daisymade. I haven’t popped on and shared my voice here for a while and I wanted to say, hello! When I’m not creating our graphics, interviewing creatives, and curating photos – I am running my creative brand strategy + design studio, The Worth It Approach. It’s where my heart gets its blood.

Creating brands that solve real problems and tell a true story is what keeps me energized. I absolutely love what I do and believe wholeheartedly in the power of strong brand design. 

I design with the strategy and intention of solving big problems for my clients customers. I believe there is beauty in intentionality. 

Today I want to share a few of my favorite ways to create a successful brand experience RIGHT NOW. 

Stop Paying Attention to What’s Trendy

I am all for a trend- trust me. But will it last? Probably not! Your brand and how you create an experience for your audience needs to be specific to your business, not what’s trending. If you love earth tones- great. But if your business is aiming to connect with the luxury, high-fashion market- then maybe you should try to use a more elevated and elegant color palette (think blacks, whites, deep, powerful colors, minimal)! The desert vibe doesn’t quite attract who you’re looking for.

The simplest way I can put it is: What solves your problem, is what you need to be creating and putting out there. For example- that cropped fur jacket- yes it’s cute for a season. But if you live in Seattle, your timeless waterproof rain coat fits the vibe AND keeps you dry.

Keep it Consistent


This one feels pretty self explanatory and maybe obvious, but I want to dive in a little deeper. EVERYTHING that someone interacts with in your business should FEEL the same. From their experience with you on social media, to the website, inquiry form and pricing presentation. Your brand should seamlessly flow through every step.

Do you have a simple pattern or texture you can use as the background of your pricing guide PDF? Can you choose two luxury custom fonts to use on EVERYTHING?! (You can find some beautiful ones on Creative Market!) Does the content on your website have the same tone and approach as the content in your emails and pricing guides? Do the quality of images in your social media reflect the ones on your website? Let your brand be an experience for people! Give it personality and life by making it a FULL experience from the second they see you to the final delivery! 

Create Depth + Experience

I am a big depth girl. To create a successful brand, you need to create a successful brand experience. I truly believe that experience comes from depth and intricacy. As humans, we are more likely to interact with what feels deep and layered. Flat has become too boring. The simplest way I recommend doing this is by adding some texture and movement to your brand. Swap out some of the colored backgrounds on your website for custom or purchased texture (Creative Market is also great for this one). If your brand’s goal is to feel approachable and warm- maybe some hand drawn illustrations or patterns? If you need to stay more sophisticated, a hand drawn signature seals the deal while remaining classy and a little bit of sassy! 


I truthfully could go on for days about how to elevate your brand and create an experience for your audience. I love this stuff (it seriously makes me geek out). If you’re interested in learning more about my work and what I do – check out my website theworthitapproach.com. I love connecting with other creatives!

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