3 Steps to Creating a Seamless Scheduling System

By Ella Nobre-Watts, in collaboration with Jascha Mikka

If you’re running an online business, there’s a good chance that you spend a lot of time scheduling calls with colleagues or clients. Coming up with a system that automates this process for you is vital for reducing the admin of booking appointments manually, saving you tons of time that you can spend focusing on growing your business. 

Jascha Mikka, a rockstar OBM and self-professed tech nerd, shared three tips with us for creating a seamless system for scheduling your calls.

Choose the days you want to conduct calls

In a previous post about carving out creative time as a small business owner, we highlighted the importance of paying attention to your daily rhythms and routines. This is not only helpful for finding times when you feel the most creative, but also for when you feel most productive for taking calls.

Depending on your schedule, you can either separate your day by time blocks (for example, saving morning for Zoom calls and afternoons for focused work), or you can choose specific days that are dedicated to taking team meetings, client calls, or discovery calls (for example, Tuesdays and Thursdays only). 

Set up your scheduling platform

Once you set up your call times, seek out a call scheduling platform. We recommend Calendly because you can sync it with your Google Calendar and it comes with dozens of integrations with other systems, platforms, and websites. 

The free version allows you to set up one event, however if you upgrade to the paid version, you can create multiple events that fit your business. For example, you can have events for discovery calls, sales calls, check-in meetings, podcast interviews, guest expert training, brand partnership calls… The world is your oyster. 

Choose different meeting durations depending on the event (30, 60, 90 minutes etc.), specify if the call will be over video or on the phone, and be sure to add descriptions to each event so that people know what to expect when they book their call.

Customizing your availability

Sync your Google Calendar and make sure your appointments and existing personal and business events are in there, so that you don’t get any accidental clashes when someone tries to book a call with you.

We recommend also adding a buffer time of at least 15 minutes before and after meetings, so that you can take notes, prepare for your next call, or simply take time to make a quick coffee. If you’re using video, make sure to also sync your Zoom account (or whatever video conferencing software you use).

Keep note of your scheduling link and add it to your email templates, links in bio, or even embedded on your website. Gone are the days of scrambling for spaces to book in calls, as you have the peace of mind that the tech is handling it for you.

Want more productivity tips or to learn more about setting up different systems for your business? Check out the Magnetic Makers Membership, where you’ll have immediate access to over 20 workshops and trainings led by experts all over the world (including Jascha!), to make navigating the world of online business that much easier.

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