5 Things With Esrie Acacia Crawford of Wild Rose Paperie

Meet: Esrie Acacia Crawford

Location: Southern California 

Tell us about your business!

My business focuses on paper goods and stationary that I hand draw and design myself! I started it in April of 2021, sort of as an “accident”. It started off as a hobby and once I designed one notebook, that sold out in two days, I decided to turn it into a small business. 

What inspired Wild Rose Paperie?

My business idea doesn’t have one single inspiration, but I guess you could say it comes from my family collectively. My husband for encouraging me to start it, my mom for raising me to love “arts and crafts, and my dad for running his own very successful business. 

Which skill has been the most challenging to learn + why?

The skill that’s been the most challenging to learn is the marketing and online presence side of things. I know how to use social media. I’m 21 and I of course use it for my own personal life. But that’s all I know how to use it for. I didn’t know how to market as a business through social media. And that’s something I’m still learning every day! 

Where or on who would you love to see your art?

I would love to see my art in Target haha! I love Target and I live right across the street from one, so every single time I go I always love the different collections and their stationary. Having a retail collection with Target would be a huge accomplishment. 

What tips do you have for learning to create art digitally?

My biggest tip for learning digital art would be to just play around with the program and make designs that you have no plans on using. I have tons of draft drawings that are just practice art! I’ve used both procreate and Adobe illustrator and with both, I watched YouTube tutorials on how to use the apps and then I just play around! 

Follow along with Esrie at @wildrosepaperie and snag the free wallpaper she designed for us on our “Wallpaper” highlight!

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  1. GabI Z on July 7, 2021 at 2:46 am

    These desiGns are so cute!!i could totally see them On the shelves of target. <3

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