5 Things With Nicole Loeffler of Spotted Rose Studio

Meet: Nicole Loeffler, Owner of Spotted Rose Studio

Location: Orange County, CA

Tell us about The Spotted Rose!

I’ve always loved creating and I genuinely enjoy the process as much as the finished product! Since I was young, I was always crafty, from sewing to painting and everything in between. This love for creativity continued to expand into hand lettering, digital lettering, water coloring, digital portraits and hand painting. I am always learning or trying something new and wanted to share it with the world. 

What inspired your business idea?

Over the years I have worked on projects for friends, primarily weddings and bridal showers. My best friend asked me if I could paint a jacket for her and her daughters for her wedding – I did, and they came out amazing! Loving encouragement from my friends (and husband!) and my personal love for lettering, and painting as a creative outlet, really helped to shape the Spotted Rose Studio.

Which skill has been the most challenging to learn + why?

Brush lettering in itself is a challenge! I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so making sure my strokes looked cohesive took time. But I’m here to tell you, that practice does make all the difference!! Don’t forget to warm up your hand with upstroke downstroke drills every time!!

Where or on who would you love to see your art?

I love the idea of having a painted jacket as a staple in someone’s life – to take an everyday item but personalize it to represent the wearer’s personality or really showcase a special event happening in their life. I would love to continue seeing my art, from digital portraits, to painted jackets and banners for someone who appreciates self-expression and personal sentiments.

What tips do you have for painting on fabric?

Start with chalk!! Painting on fabric can be tricky and once it’s on, there is no coming back. I like to draw out my designs on paper or my iPad first to review or show clients. Secondly, I draw the design with chalk until it’s just right, then apply the paint in multiple very thin layers. You want to make sure the paint dries in between layers for a smooth finish. Choose between fabric paint for a flexible finish or acrylic depending on the look you are going for. Practicing on scraps of fabric or an old pair of jeans will help you get the feel for it before you dive into your first project!  

Keep up with Nicole over at @spottedrosestudio, and check out her banner painting tutorial on our IGTV!

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