A Letter From Riley: To The Exhausted Creative

A handful of days into 2021 and my eyes feel baggy and fresh all at the same time…?

I’ve felt myself in this tug between new year energy, and the exhaustion and weight of being a creative in such a heavy world. Anyone else feel this internal war? 

I desperately want to smile, paint over it and rejoice that it’s a new year- but I also want to recognize that we’re still standing still. Having to find new ways to be creative and source inspiration while being at home wondering if things are going to change soon. That’s a lot.

So today I wanted to take some time to write a letter to my fellow exhausted creatives:

To the non-stop go-getter who typically runs faster after hearing no, but is starting to slow down. To the artist filled with sadness, and the writer ashamed by the nothingness taking up space where inspiration used to live.

Wherever you are, whatever it is you may be doing- let this be your gentle reminder that- it’s ok to be uncreative. One of my favorite lessons I’ve learned is that the “uncreative” is good too. The mundane, the in-between, that oh-so-necessary reset. Yeah, that fuels and ignites those healthy creative juices inside you.

You need the mundane to get there. You’re a living, breathing human after all.


Close your computer. Pause what you’re doing. Go for a walk. Watch TV (Gasp!). Make dinner. (REAL dinner). Do laundry. 

Don’t let your obsession with being an all-star, all-the-time creative stop you from taking care of the uncreative parts of you too. The parts of you that need to exercise, sleep, rest, and have fun. 

Maybe you’ve let the wild, romantic idea of what creativity’s supposed to look like take-over? Now you’re trapped in this crazy no man’s land of fatigue, burnout, and “just 5 more minutes.” I find myself there almost everyday. Exhausted from trying to churn out the best parts of me in EVERYTHING I do- while processing news that can make me feel….broken.

It’s nearly impossible to keep up. So I’m here reminding you, that no one expects you to!

Let this be that hug from your best friend you so desperately need.



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