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The only thing burning should be your desire to create. Not you!

And we’re here to help you fan those flames (once more - with feelings!). If you find yourself on the brink of burnout, at the edge of overwhelm, or maybe you’ve just lost that *SPARK*!? You know, that inner magical, effortless state of flow and fun you once had before the isolation and the creative blocks got to you?

Well, welcome to the club! Because guess what? I’ve been there and the good news is, you CAN find your way back to your creative happy place. That’s what Daisy Made is all about.


Is a place to celebrate and empower the everyday creative.

Our sole mission is to be “the creative happy place” of makers, doers, and learners where they can gather + grow collectively. Where no one feels left behind, stuck, or alone in the process of pursuing their craft - because we’re not meant to go at it on our own!


Whatever you started, something must have fueled you. We want you to feel that spark once more. And make sure it stays for good.


Remember what it’s like to be in the zone, creating for joy and not for numbers. To make something for the sake of feeling like yourself again and not what it would look like.


The truth is, your best work happens when it’s done out of love, and the rest will follow. Let’s make that happen, shall we?

Hey, you!

I'm Tracy, wife, mom of two beautiful kiddos, and professional-actress-turned-fellow maker myself. When I’m not on my laptop, you’ll find me in the garden as my ultimate form of self-care. My morning drink of choice is usually an iced coffee with a splash of milk. (Creature of habit.).


Two years ago, I reached an insane level of burnout with my brand + blog. So much so, that one day, I decided to *brace yourselves* pull the plug and delete all its content from the internet. (Yes, you read that right!).


This experience was the culmination of doing all the things I felt like I HAD TO do for years. I realized that no amount of money, numbers, or sales are enough to keep us in love with our “passions” unless we have the right support and community to keep us inspired, refreshed, and encouraged all the way.


This prompted me to start Daisy Made: a community of makers, doers, and learners to keep the spark of their craft alive and get rid of creative burnout forever!

We’re not just another community you’ll soon forget about. And liz couldn’t have said it any better:

“Daisy Made feels like an unexpected room just off a long corridor with a noise-cancelling door, shutting off the ruckus of social media... A cozy welcoming space for creatives to relax our hyperactive brainwaves, rest, play, and recalibrate our bandwidth.”

Feel like you’re up for hanging with us?

Our door is always open. Think of us as your next-door inner circle for creatives of all kinds to gather, learn, support, share skills, and hold space together.


Here, there’s no pressure to crunch and crush numbers. You can just BE and focus on what you DO BEST. When community and creativity are paramount, freedom follows.

What would it feel like if…

  • You have creative friends who really GET your struggles, your wins, and your vision…
  • You have a nurturing space to recalibrate and recharge in (whenever you feel like it)...
  • You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on courses and programs for expert guidance and support…
  • You never have to feel “alone” ever again…
  • You could co-work and brainstorm ideas with an intimate group of like-minded creatives…
  • You’re able to focus on the joy of CREATING without overthinking…
  • You make things for fun and not for numbers, validation, or “The Grind”...

Connect, create, and collaborate - on your own time.



A membership for makers, creators + small business owners who want to ditch the overwhelm and focus on what’s most important: CREATING.

Spark Session


GET THIS: 60 minutes, 6 creatives, 1 Zoom call. Jump into this if you want to have a mind-blowing, epiphany-inducing, awe-inspiring time! Everyone gets “hot seat” time where you can air out some ideas, gain input, and find clarity from fellow makers.

1:1 Support

from Tracy

The legit brainstorming sesh with your BFF you’ve always wanted - only better cause she’s a seasoned pro who’s been there too, you know? Think of her as your super down-to-earth creative sherpa and the summit is Mt. Clarity.