Create Your Own Hanging Canvas with Jayci Livingston

We LOVE getting to know our community, but do you know what’s even better? Learning from you all!

This week Jayci Livingston of L E J Paint Co. (@lejpaintco) offered to share a tutorial for some one-of-a-kind hanging canvases- and we’re kinda in love.

These canvases are so much fun to create because they’re completely customizable from the design to the size + shape.


  1. Canvas by the yard (get it at your local art store or Joanne’s Fabric)
  2. Wooden Dowels ( $1.70 / cut in half or 2 larger ones) 
  3. E6000 glue ($5)
  4. Paint (any acrylic will do!) 
  5. Yarn ($4)

How To:

Step One: Lay out the wooden dowels to determine how tall you want your hanging to be.

Step Two: Measure out your canvas material length first, I typically add 1-3 inches to wrap around the wooden dowel when I glue. Measure out the width, leaving about 1-2 inches of the wooden dowels out at the ends. 

Step Three: Flip over your canvas and fold the canvas material around the wooden dowel and glue with E6000 glue.  Let sit for 30 min. 

Note: If you are using a much larger canvas and dowels you will need to staple the canvas to the wood using a nail gun.

Step Four: Paint a design on the canvas. Have fun with this part! Paint shapes, use colors that pop + always layer for a modern abstract look! 

Step Five: You can use the ends of the wooden dowels to hang on the wall using 2 nails on each end OR wrap a few strands of string around the dowels and meet up in the middle + tie a knot! 

These are so fun and can be used seasonally or for year-round decor. Thank you so much for teaching us, Jayci!

To learn more about Jayci, visit her website (the tote bags in her shop are so good!) and follow her on Instagram at @lejpaintco!

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