Creative Fuel: Breakfast Toast 3 Ways

Photos by Carolina Adame

We didn’t invent the breakfast toast, but we’ll get behind any trend that encourages you to take an extra moment to eat real food. You get a bite of fresh fruit + protein on all 3 of these delicious variations- and they’re time + budget friendly!

Strawberries, Hazelnut Spread + Coconut Flakes

This combo is so good, and can serve as breakfast or a mid-day snack. We used Peanut Butter & Co Hazelnut Spread, with fresh strawberries + unsweetened coconut flakes on a nice thick whole grain toast.

Juicy Peaches, Almond Butter, Chopped Nuts + Chocolate

We recommend incorporating something with texture on top of your toast- so the addition of some crunchy nuts + chocolate were amazing atop the soft fruit.

Peanut Butter, Banana + Granola

The crunch strikes again! We all know PB + Banana toast is a no-brainer, but the addition of some crunchy granola takes it next level.

We know that real life doesn’t look like Pinterest- but we encourage you to take the extra couple minutes to feed your body well. Sprinkling an extra somethin’, somethin’ on your daily toast is a little way to tell yourself: Hey, you do a lot- and you deserve to be taken care of.

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