Creative Process: The Ladies of Linking Threads

In a recent Q&A we got to know the ladies of Linking Threads, and now they’re sharing a closer look at their unique process. Big thanks to Cristina Torres, and her two daughters, Sofia Castedo and Mariana Rengifo for giving us a virtual invite into their studio!

Our creative process begins with a careful selection of materials in color palettes often inspired by nature and beautiful interiors. We gravitate towards sophisticated boho designs, featuring shapes often associated with a southwest aesthetic.

Once the design is finalized, the production work begins. We crochet over our canvas (which consists of bulky yarn that is suspended from a dowel) using our signature wrap-around stitch. Following our original design pattern, we work over paired strands in a vertical approach over our canvas.

The production process is a lengthy endeavor. Many hours are spent creating a single wall hanging. Though size is a significant factor, the design itself also greatly impacts the difficulty of the work. Coffee, podcasts, and candles are found close by.

Unlike other fiber arts, the technique we use requires high precision. So much detail goes into every stitch and placement for a proper execution of those unforgiving angles!

The finishing touches include framing our works in a custom-crafted oak frame, and trimming the length of the fibers to the desired length. While a local woodworker crafts our frames, we get to play with power tools to fasten the dowel to the frame. The piece is now complete and photoshoot ready!

Follow along with Linking Threads on Instagram at @linkingthreadsfiberart, and read our Q&A with them to learn more.

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