Gouache Girl Victoria Rossello Paints in Living Color

By Bethanie Hestermann

Victoria Rossello of @lalapaints is a paint-as-you-go sort of gouache girl, and we love her happy, minimalist vibe so much. This Barcelona-based artist paints people, plants, and landscapes in the most charming ways … and with the yummiest colors. (Her faves? Venetian red, Naples yellow, olive green, yellow ochre, + turquoise blue.) 

Victoria says inspiration can come in all sorts of different ways—we only need to try and see it. She works with her photog sister (+ her cat Romeu!) to be a source of inspiration for others on social media. 

Learn more about Lala Paints in today’s Q&A!

Tell us about Lalapaints!

Lalapaints is a little project of mine with my sister Laura behind the camera. It’s a place where I get creative with gouache, and then Laura makes my work look even prettier!

How would you describe your artwork to others?

Minimalist, colorful, and sometimes happy and fun!

What made you decide to start painting?

I love decorating walls with illustrations. A few years ago, I thought about trying to paint one for my flat in Barcelona, so I painted a bunch of olives and framed it. It actually looked good! Since then, I haven’t stopped.

Which medium is the most challenging for you + why?

I’d say drawing with a pencil! I’ve been told I should plan my work before I start painting—for instance, sketching what I want to paint. But it really frustrates me, as I never like the result, probably because I should practice my drawing skills. Therefore, if it’s not super necessary, I paint straight away with brushes and gouache. I paint as I go.

What is the best part about what you create?

That moment during the process when I realize I truly love what I’m painting. That means I’m on the right path, and it kind of gives me security and pleasure at the same time.

What is your creation process like?

I always make sure my studio is clean and tidy just before starting, but my cat Romeu can sometimes be around. He’s super curious about what I’m doing, and that really distracts me, as I love watching him as much as he loves watching me!

But while he’s asleep, I get water, paint, and brushes ready, I play my favorite playlist called “music for plants”, and I start making the first brush strokes on the paper. From there, my hand just freely paints—little people, flowers, plants, women, or colorful landscapes.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your pieces?

Pinterest is my best mate! I keep a few folders full of pictures of different kinds: home décor, aesthetic pictures, people, plants, clothing, traveling, and even food recipes! I really think inspiration can come in all sorts of different ways; we only need to try see it.

How do you stay inspired + avoid creative ruts?

I think it’s so important to ALWAYS listen to yourself. Sometimes I don’t feel inspired; I don’t feel I want to paint, and that feeling can last days. Allowing myself the time I need to stop, think, and let go really helps my creativity. It is a magic time where my hand will not work but my mind will, getting ready for something so special.

What are your favorite colors to work with?

Any color can give a special touch, but my TOP 5 are: Venetian red, Naples yellow, olive green, yellow ochre, and turquoise blue.

Where would you love to see your art?

I’d love to see my art in people’s houses, whether on their walls or in a little corner of their living rooms. 

What’s your biggest creative dream?

My biggest dream would be printing on textile. I’d love to see my prints on a cushion cover or even on a kitchen towel! For now, it’s only a dream, but who knows … sometimes dreams come true.

Is there a way for us to order your work?

There’s no shop yet, but stay tuned! Do not hesitate to contact me through DM or email if you can’t wait! 

Find Victoria on Instagram, @lalapaints!

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