How Creatives Can Help in the Wake of Roe v Wade

By Ella Nobre-Watts of whimsicella

On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that protects abortion under the 14th amendment. The ruling means that safe abortions will quickly become severely restricted or illegal for more than 135 million people in the country.

This news has been weighing heavily on a lot of us. It feels scary to live in a world where our reproductive rights can be stripped away so blatantly. And as creatives, it can feel difficult to know what to do or how we can help.

But artists and creatives are needed now more than ever.

Due to the expressive nature of art, it has the capability to illustrate powerful narratives, sometimes open to interpretation, but oftentimes in a more direct way.

If you’re feeling lost on how you can contribute as an artist during this time, keep reading.

Art as activism

We take action and make decisions based on our emotions more than anything else, which is why art can be so impactful for creating social change.

Whatever your medium – painting, drawing, the written word – use your art to express how you’re feeling. Channel those emotions into your creativity and share it with others to spark discussion, move others share their experiences, and process what’s going on. Knowing we are not alone is important given how deeply traumatizing this ruling is for so many of us.

Donate to impactful abortion rights organizations

If you’re able, donate a portion of your creative business’ proceeds to organizations that offer support in covering the costs of abortion care for those who need it.

Donating to these funds helps pay for transportation and lodging costs for patients who have to travel long distances to receive care because they can’t access services in their area. 

You can find a list here of abortion funds by state. Share it far and wide within your circles and communities of other creatives.

Start a dialogue about abortion with your community

Part of caring for your community means making sure they understand what’s going on. Have frank conversations with friends, loved ones, and your wider community to break down the stigma and stop the spread of misinformation about abortion. The ACLU created a mini-guide last year to help you navigate these conversions.

Spread the word about the Judiciary Act of 2021

The Supreme Court – which has had a hyper-conservative majority for decades – has reversed nearly 50 years of reproductive rights, and unfortunately, they won’t stop there. However, there is still a chance to make change.

The Judiciary Act of 2021, backed by over 60 congress members, is a solution to take power away from unelected extremist judges by expanding and rebalancing the Supreme Court by adding 4 more seats, taking the size of the court from 9 to 13 justices.

The last time Congress changed the size of the Supreme Court, it settled on 9 justices to match the number of judicial circuits. While the number of circuit courts has increased over the years to keep up with increased caseloads, the same isn’t true of the number of justices: today we have 13 circuit courts, but only 9 Supreme Court justices.

Any action to protect our rights must include rebalancing the Supreme Court. Spread the word about the Judiciary Act of 2021 so that as many people know about it as possible, and add your name to this petition to call on President Biden to expand the Supreme Court.

Volunteer on a local level

If talking and signing petitions doesn’t feel like enough, you can also volunteer locally to protect sexual and reproductive rights. 

Planned Parenthood are always looking for volunteers to escort people to local clinics. You can also train to become a talkline advocate for people weighing their reproductive options. Or you can find an abortion clinic near you where you can volunteer for whatever roles they need.

Rest is resistance

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” 

– Audre Lorde, in her 1988 book ‘A Burst of Light’

Rest and self-care are integral to political and creative freedom. While it is important to do all we can to make positive change in the world, we shouldn’t overwork ourselves or doomscroll the constant news cycle. Being overworked and not switching off is not a badge of honor. 

Self-care is not an indulgence, but a necessity. In order to make any real change, we must take care of ourselves first. Invest in rest and invest in your joy, so that you feel energized to participate in change without burnout.

Remember: all is not lost.

We hope this blog post has helped you feel empowered in how to support the fight for reproductive rights. Roe v Wade has not been immediately actioned, so there is time to spread the word and work towards a better future for all of us.

Team Daisy Made

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