How to Find Your Creative Community Online

By Karley from Life of Kar

Entrepreneurship is an incredibly beautiful and rewarding job, but it can also feel very lonely at times. For many of us, we work from our homes, sometimes during very odd hours. It may feel like the only interactions we have throughout the day are talking to our pets as they roam around the room.

In order to succeed and reap all the benefits of being a creative, it is important to find your community. Your community is strong when you are weak. They remind you that you are not alone. If you are a side-hustler, community is even more crucial. Working another job after a 9-5 is no joke, and it requires a whole new level of support.

The craziness of 2020 was proof that the internet is powerful. Online communities are thriving like never before, and this is the best news for entrepreneurs. The online world is full of creative communities, just waiting to welcome you. So, how do you find these communities? Let’s dive in.

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Find your local Rising Tide Society TuesdaysTogether chapter.

The Rising Tide Society is a community of creative entrepreneurs who support and uplift one another to succeed. They value community over competition and pursuing your passions.

TuesdaysTogether is an event hosted by local chapters each month where members network and learn about a specific topic. Although these meetups are typically in-person (with some exceptions), the chapters usually have an online presence. Many chapters have their own Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, and newsletters you can participate in. 

If you can attend your local TuesdaysTogether meeting, I highly recommend it! You can find your local chapter here.

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Search for niche-specific and location-specific hashtags on Instagram.

Yes, you CAN find your community through hashtags! Do some research on niche-specific hashtags and follow those. You can also follow location-specific hashtags, like #nycblogger or #nycgraphicdesigner. 

Be sure to interact with others who are using these hashtags as well. Give fellow creatives a follow, shoot them a DM, or leave a comment. Utilizing hashtags in this way is an easy way to find your community!

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Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Community is about belonging, just as you are. It is not about fitting in. You should not have to look a certain way or dress a certain way to be a part of your community. If you are your authentic and true self, then you will attract the right people. Be brave and put yourself out there, and others will respond.

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Sign up for a virtual conference. 

Virtual conferences allow you to learn from industry experts and connect with others in your niche, all from the comfort of your home! Many virtual conferences allow you to connect with fellow participants through things like live chat rooms, Facebook groups, and breakout rooms. Virtual conferences not only help you sharpen your skills, but they also can foster community.

Do some research to see which virtual conferences are available within your niche. There are conferences on everything like photography, blogging, accessibility, online course creation, graphic design, and so much more.

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Join creative Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are powerful, and the good news is that there is a Facebook group for pretty much anything you can think of! A sneaky way to find a Facebook group is by seeing if your favorite podcast or entrepreneur has their own group. If you align with them, then there are probably others just like you in the group! Some examples are The Heart & Hustle Podcast and the Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook groups. 

You can also do a quick search for Facebook groups that interest you. You may search “Virginia Wedding Photographers” or “Vegan Food Bloggers”. You may just want to feel more supported in your roles as a business owner and a mom and search for “Mom Entrepreneurs”. You’d be surprised just how specific some Facebook groups can be, but that will help you find the community that fits your lifestyle best.

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Register for a mastermind or a membership that interests you.

The first time I experienced how life changing an online community could be was when I joined a mastermind. Masterminds consist of small groups of individuals who gather around a common goal for a specific amount of time. Some masterminds are 6 months long and focus on scaling your business, and other masterminds are 3 months long and focus on mindset. They are typically led by industry experts who guide and foster the community members.

Memberships are usually ongoing monthly, but they can still build strong communities. The Fearless Chase Academy is one example. They target entrepreneurs who are in the middle stages of business. There are also memberships on things like email marketing, journaling, mindfulness, self care, and even memberships on starting your own membership! 

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Create the community you are looking for.

If all else fails, remember that you are a creative. You are more than capable of creating the exact community that you want to be a part of. You might grow your Instagram community by sending voice memos to your engaged followers, turning them into friends. You might reach out to others in your niche and see if they want to hop on a co-working Zoom call. You can create your own Facebook group, set group rules that feel right for you, and invite others to join.

Final Thoughts

You were not designed to do anything on your own, especially creative entrepreneurship. Choosing the right community for you will lead you to real bonds and friendships, as well as unparalleled growth and support.

As you find and join online communities, be sure to stay true to yourself. Come as you are, and the communities that align with you will welcome you with open arms. I hope these tips for finding your creative community online lead you to your people. We are all on this journey together! 

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