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How To: Styrofoam Printing for Halloween

Styrofoam print making is so fun and easy for kids + adults! You can use any styrofoam that makes it’s way into your home (like the trays you often find wrapped with veggie or meat products) or buy sheets from the craft store.

To make your prints, carve a design into the styrofoam using a pencil or something similar. Then roll ink across your design, lay onto a sheet of paper and run your brayer (or just your hand) across the print to transfer the ink.

This technique is so fun for making cards, wrapping paper or prints to frame! We did something spooky for Halloween, and it will become a part of our yearly seasonal decor.



  • Draw your design onto the styrofoam, pushing firmly.
  • Squeeze some ink onto a tray and coat your roller.
  • Roll it over the styrofoam.
  • Lay print face down on paper and use the brayer or your hands to transfer the design.
  • Use your design over and over, using different colors + paper.

We hope you enjoy this fun art project! Please tag us on Instagram @hellodaisymade if you do!

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