Kids DIY: Potato Stamping

Good news: A potato costs about 59 cents, and when you add some paint + one-on-one time you’ve created a pretty special memory.

Creating potato stamps is super simple: Either carve your design in the potato with a pairing knife, or insert a small cookie cutter into the potato and cut the excess from around the top (you want to feel the knife clinking around the cookie cutter as you go or you’ve gone too deep). Before you start, get the stamp nice and dry with a towel.

You will see a lot of tutorials that tell you to use acrylic paint. I totally get that, since the potato is wet. That being said, we used washable paint and had no problems! The paint + potato combo is a bit slippery, so it’s just a little trial and error.

Apply paint to the stamp with a paint brush, trying not to be too heavy handed. Then stamp your little hearts out!

This art is so beautiful to keep, gift, use as gift wrap. Enjoy!

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