Megan Elizabeth’s Paintings Celebrate the Beauty of Fleeting Moments

Megan Elizabeth of Art by Megan creates original acrylic and mixed media works on canvas and paper. Often inspired by florals and the ocean, her gorgeous art will transport you to a better place just by looking at it. As a painter, Megan celebrates the beauty of fleeting moments. As a creative human, she finds that her creativity trickles into the other parts of life—making everything a little bit better.

Megan is not only an artist and a small-business owner but also a mom to two young children. Wearing ALL the hats over the past year has taught Megan that she’s happiest when she makes art a priority. She says she has too many ideas and not enough time! Who else can relate?! (Definitely us.)

Learn all about Megan in today’s Q&A.

Tell us about your art! 

Inspired by nature and fleeting moments, my work is elegant, organic, and relaxing. 

Have you always been a full-time artist? 

I have worked as an artist full-time for the past five years, and I previously was a high school art and Spanish teacher! 

How has this year been transformative for you?

This year has been incredibly challenging because I have two small children, so I was doing the majority of online schooling, childcare, and also trying to keep my artwork going too. It was hard wearing so many hats! However, I’ve learned that I need to prioritize myself and my art to feel happiest. 

What is the best part about what you create?

When I make art, I enter a truly magical space where I feel free. It’s so meditative for me to be creative and always has been. 

How do you stay inspired + avoid creative ruts?

For me, the ultimate inspiration is travel. Anywhere I go I instantly think of new ideas and painting. I have the opposite of creative ruts, which is that I have too many ideas and not enough time. 

Favorite song(s) for boosting creativity? 

I like listening to songs in Spanish when I’m painting; it soothes me. 

How does creativity bring goodness to your life?

It brings happiness and sanity. I love being creative and it trickles into the other parts of life when I get time to paint. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

A teacher or an artist!

What do people NOT know about what you do?

There’s SO MUCH behind-the-scenes work that’s not painting. I do tons of marketing, planning, emailing, finance, etc., that’s just not as obvious to people who don’t own a small business or know someone who does. 

What made you decide to start painting? 

I’ve always made art and been a creative person. But I definitely saw an uptick in my inspiration as an artist since becoming a mom a decade ago. 

Where do you go when you need a break?

The ocean, nature, on a walk, or to read a book. 

Let’s be real, what’s the hardest/most frustrating thing about what you do? 

For me, it’s shifting between super-inspired artist mode and real-life mode. It’s a magical space of inspiration when I’m painting, but I have to shift and accomplish other tasks too in my day, even when the inspiration is full-on. 

What’s your advice for other creatives trying to find their way?

Give yourself the time to try and experiment and keep making art. Then, find a group of friends who inspire you and help one another out with ideas, research, and opportunities. Read lots of books about art and what inspires you, too! 

Follow along with Megan on Instagram at @artbymegan!

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