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Megan Metcalf Shares Her Dining Room Turned Playroom

By Natalia Perez

Once they moved into their suburban builder grade home north of Atlanta, Megan knew right away that a dining room wasn’t going to serve her family’s needs well. 

Instead, Megan redesigned the room into a colorful, vibrant play space for her three kids. While the room has seen several phases of looks throughout the years, this one is currently her favorite because of the colors. After the walls were painted pink and scaled bookcases were added, the room took a life of its own. 

Get the details on her bright little corner: 

Where did you draw design inspiration?

The inspiration started with the curtains, which was originally a king size flat sheet. I bought it on clearance at TJMaxx to use as a tablecloth for an adoption party for our oldest daughter. My mom added liner to the back (also using a cheap flat sheet from Walmart) and some fun pom-poms. After almost nine years, I still absolutely love the pattern. 

What sticks out to you the most about your space?

The piano is definitely the statement piece, and my son loves it when I play. I originally painted the piano a dark gray using chalk paint, but when I found this yellow paint on clearance at a local antique shop, I knew it would bring some happiness to the space. If you like the color, I found Sherwin Williams Daffodil (6901) that is almost identical.

Any tips for painting a piano?

  • Use a really good tape to tape off the keys and anything else you don’t want painted.
  • If you use a chalk paint, for the second coat dip the brush in water- it goes on easier and smooths out any brush strokes. 

What makes a space beautiful?

Making a space beautiful is all about collecting memories. Are you filling your home with stuff from Hobby Lobby or special pieces from family vacations/heirlooms? My favorite pieces in my home have a story to tell and those stories help bring my home alive.

Trust me, when you only allow things in your home that have meaning or you really love-they’ll work together like magic for a timeless look. 

Follow Megan at @metcalfcrew on Instagram for more pops of color + beautiful, thoughtful home design. 

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