Mariah Oller • @harvestandmoon
Mariah Oller • @harvestandmoon
Have you ever thought: “I’m tired of being on this journey alone, I wish I had a community of like-minded people that I could gush and create with.”
If this has got you thinking “get out of my head”... you’re in the right place. 
Because this is exactly how I felt too.
Let me tell you this, running a creative business in this online space can be *isolating* and can often make you feel uninspired and unsupported.
For the longest time I thought I needed all these coaching programs, and courses... but I soon realized that what I really wanted was…
A space to gather.
A space to gush.
A space to rant.
A space to feel seen.
A space to learn. 
A community. 
Truth is, we aren’t built to do #allthethings alone. 

And this is exactly why I created Magnetic Makers, to provide a supportive, encouraging environment for creative exploration so that you can pursue your ambitions without the burn out.

What is Magnetic Makers?

Magnetic Makers is a monthly gathering designed to help you feel inspired, motivated, and excited to grow your small business.

It is a welcoming space where you can relax your hyperactive brain waves, engage in creative play, and nurture your entrepreneurial wellness.
You must be thinking “So it’s basically a membership?” 
Yes and no. While you do get the benefits of a typical membership, at Magnetic Makers creativity and community comes first. No matter what stage you are in your creative journey, you’ll have a community of like-minded people to validate you and make you feel seen and heard. 
There is zero pressure for you to show up, you can take what you need. 
Don't just take our word for it...
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Here's the Scoop:

Monthly Entrepreneurial Trainings

Finding clarity and getting guidance for your small business doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. To make sure that you get the support you *actually* need, our expert trainings will be 100% based on the community’s goal for the month. 

Creative Play Workshops

Creative blocks are real. We’re often told to power through them and to keep on making and creating; but that’s not how it works. You need to have a conversation with your creativity and one way to do that is to encourage creative play. Our monthly workshops are aimed to jumpstart inspiration and passion by giving you the opportunity to experiment, explore and just have fun with making. 

Brainstorming Sessions

Imagine having a sounding board for your ideas. Being able to brainstorm or air out challenges with creative friends who understand your goals, your ruts, and your wins. Surround yourself with people that will support you and hold space for you to just try the things you want to try without feeling judged. 

Access to a community of creatives

One of the frustrations of being a creative is not having an immediate circle that just gets it. We’re changing that. As part of the Magnetic Makers Community you’ll *always* have direct access to people you can dream, create, and experiment with. 
The *magic* of the Magnetic Makers membership is the supportive, encouraging environment
for creative exploration and peer-to-peer support.
Come nurture your creative spark with a community of makers just like you.

$38 per month. There are no minimum commitments here, the doors are always open for you to come and go.