Our Favorite Apps for Running an Online Community

Daisy Made is an online community that supports small businesses and creatives. We use a variety of apps and platforms to run our community and support our members- here are our absolute favorites!


We use Notion as our all-in-one workspace for notes, projects, content planning, and databases. Notion is a great tool for keeping track of everything we need to do to run our community. We love it so much, we even created an all-in-one Creative Content Planner.

Click Up

Click Up is a great project management tool. We use Click Up to plan, track, and manage specific events and projects. Click Up helps us stay organized and on track, and it makes it easy to collaborate with clients and freelancers.

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is our platform for creating and managing our private online community, Magnetic Makers. Mighty Networks is a great tool for building a community around your brand or business. It allows us to create workshops, groups, and chat rooms for our members.


Bard is an AI resource that we use to outline sales pages, presentations and newsletters. While we don’t recommend leaning on AI to create your content or speak for you- it’s an excellent way to banish blank page syndrome and get started.


Thrivecart is our shopping cart and checkout system. We use Thrivecart to sell our products and services online. Thrivecart is a great tool for businesses of all sizes, and it is easy to use and set up. Our favorite feature is their wide range of affiliate options.


Flodesk is our go-to email marketing platform. We use Flodesk to create and send beautiful, effective emails to our members. Flodesk is a great tool for businesses that want to stay connected with their customers and grow their email list. We’re also IN LOVE with their forms- a creative, beautiful and personal use of “link in bio”.


Canva is a design platform that we use to create pretty much every single graphic for our community. Gone are the days where you need to pay a crazy amount for software or have a graphic design degree to create something really special!


Calendly is our scheduling tool. We use Calendly to book appointments and guest speakers. Calendly is a great tool for businesses that want to make it easy for their customers to schedule time with them.


We use Later to schedule and post content to our social media accounts. Later is a great tool for businesses that want to save time and improve their social media presence.


We use Manychat to automate conversations with our customers. Manychat is a great tool for businesses that want to provide 24/7 customer support.

These are just a few of the many apps and platforms that we use to run Daisy Made and Magnetic Makers. We are always looking for new tools that can help us improve our community and provide even more value to our members.

We believe that tech can be a powerful tool for building communities and supporting small businesses. By using the right apps and platforms, you can create a thriving online community that will help you achieve your goals.

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