#PlantDads: Ricky Dorn of @blackplanted


By Natalia Pérez

To start off our Plant Parenthood series, we’d love to introduce you to Ricky Dorn, a visual storyteller based in Corona, CA. An avid plant lover, Ricky’s favorite nook in his home is where his plant shelf is. His plant family includes string of hearts, rubber plants and pothos. 

How did plants become a creative outlet for you? 

As my plant numbers increased, the time I needed to spend caring for them also increased. I would spend an hour or two on plant care. A lot of time as creatives it’s hard to get our minds off of work or the projects we’re working on, and caring for my plants allows me some time to step away and take healthy breaks. 

Why do you love having plants in your home?

Plants are a huge benefit to the air quality and I love that they spark a sense of joy in the room. 

Has the process been therapeutic? 

I think it has been therapeutic when I’ve been mad or frustrated with what is going on in our world. I’ve had to remain calm, cool, gentle, patient and loving with my plants because if not… they’d probably die.

Not too long ago I mentioned in one of my posts that ”it’s very hard to water your plants [while] mad”. Plants evoke calming and peaceful feelings.  

What most inspires your creativity?

I think being challenged on projects. That’s why it’s hard to take my mind off of them sometimes. I crave to excel in my work but struggle with worrying about it being “great”. My drive to produce great work is what fuels me to be creative.  

What project are you the most proud of?

I recently shot an ad for a nail polish brand. I wore a lot of hats: creative director, producer, cinematographer, photographer, wardrobe stylist, and editor. It was crazy but I did it (😂) and I actually really enjoyed the results.

What is something that people who only follow you on Instagram don’t know about you?

A lot of people don’t know what I do for work, actually. I usually keep it pretty separate .I consider myself a visual storyteller. I tell stories through filmmaking and photography. 

What makes a house a home?

This is something I kind of learned the hard way. When [my wife and I] first got married and were living in our first apartment, she’d say that it didn’t feel very “homey”. I don’t think I understood what she meant until recently, when I looked back on an old photo of our first apartment. 

“I think a house becomes a home when it tells a story. If a stranger walks into your home and understands who you are based on the story you tell, I’d say your house is ”homey”. If you were to walk in our home, you’d probably find out that we are a Christian, plant-loving couple with a big love for our dog Millie, art, and simple design.”

Keep up with Ricky’s plant family @blackplanted and peruse his visual work at rickydorn.com.

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