Rachel Waring Helps Clients Achieve Peak Pinterest Performance

Dearest Creatives: Pinterest can and should be a legit business strategy. But how do you kickstart that strategy + turn pins into sales/clients/actual revenue? Let us introduce Rachel Emma Waring, a stylist turned creative consultant who helps her clients transform from casual pinners into professional pinners—without selling their souls to the social media devil. In fact, Rachel says it’s possible to leverage Pinterest to drive website traffic, attract new clients, and increase revenue while dedicating as little as two hours per week to the platform. (What is this magic??)

Learn more about Rachel the person and Pinterest guru in today’s mini-feature + check her out on Instagram at @rachelemmawaring (and on Pinterest, of course)!

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Tell us about your business!

I’m a creative consultant, and I help small business owners blend visuals and sales and bring the fun back into their content strategy. My background is in styling and design, and I also ran a wedding styling business for a few years, which taught me a lot about marketing and content strategy. My favorite platform is Pinterest, and now I offer Pinterest training, as well as wider creative content strategy for business owners who want more eyes on their work.

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What inspired you to shift your focus from styling to helping other creatives with strategy?

While I absolutely loved styling weddings, I realized that the part of my business I loved most was the marketing and content creation, and I found myself looking forward to that more than the actual work itself. I started sharing my love for Pinterest on the side of my wedding business, and the more I helped other creatives with their strategies, the more I realized that this is what I feel most fulfilled by. In many ways, I still feel like a stylist, and I will always have a visual approach to my work, but it’s now applied in another environment.

What are your top tips for creatives who want to improve their visuals?

This is a bit of an annoying answer, but PRACTICE. Things will never look like you want them to in your head at first, so the only way to improve and develop your own style is by getting through the messy bit at the start. So many people dismiss themselves as being uncreative, but practice and patience are so much more important than natural talent.

Something else that helps is really knowing your own taste and getting in touch with your inspirations and influences. Once you’re clear on that, you’ll have a better idea of how you want your visuals to look overall, which will help a lot on your quest to get there!

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