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Studio Tour: Berserk Prints

Name: Maria

Location: Barcelona

Business: Berserk Prints

What do you create in this space?

I create prints for my Etsy shop. I do research, draw and paint them on my desk and then I play a little bit in Adobe Photoshop (I know, I’m an old school girl). I also do my pattern designs and commissioned projects here. I recently added an easel to create original paintings!

What’s your favorite part about your space?

I love to drink tea on the sofa or at my desk while I’m finding inspiration, because the first stages of my creative process are always my favorite part.

If this room were a song what would it be?

Any David Bowie’s song. I love him so much. I know it seems weird because the space is quite neutral, but I like to counteract all the mishmash of color in my work, neutralize my energy and add some peace to my day to day- because I dream explosions of color every night!

Where did you draw inspiration?

I’m always carrying a notebook + my phone to catch ideas wherever they come. I looove to analyze them at my desk or the table in front of the sofa. Finally, I do some sketches on the floor. It all starts like this.

What is one thing we wouldn’t know about this room from just looking at it? 

I share this space with my poor husband, who’s never allowed to work here because I’m always messing around and collapsing all the space!

Best way to enjoy this space? 

On a Friday afternoon, with a beer in hand and reading some pattern design books or appreciating fauvism art (my favorite) on the sofa.

If you had to pick one, what design element stands out as your favorite?

Ah! My doll house furniture from antique shops, my art books and the little collection of traditional pattern designs I’ve collected over the years visiting different countries.

Give it to us straight, what’s still in-progress about your space?

I’m constantly changing my art wall mural, most of them are gifts from my colleagues and I have an infinite collection that rotates all year, tirelessly! Also, we recently changed the floor. I want to change that sofa too….we’re always in progress.

In your book, what makes a space beautiful?

A beautiful bouquet of flowers and some plants. They give an instant charm to any place! I love nature, and when I bring it indoors I don’t feel the insane amount of hours that I spend inside my studio.

What item can’t you live without?

My Mac!

What makes this space feel like home to you?

Haha, that’s a funny question! I’m always at work, because this is literally my home. It’s our basement!

Follow along with @berserkprints on Instagram, and see her full studio tour video here!

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