Summer Favorites: Business Owner Edition

Summer is here and I’m pulling out all the stops to stay cool, calm, and collected, and I wanted to share my five must-haves for the season with you!

As a full-time solopreneur, and a girl who LOVES a good healthy habit and routine, I’ve curated the ultimate list of summer must-haves to help you make the most of the next few months. There’s nothing I love more than telling everyone I know, especially my fellow small business owners, about my current fixations. Whether you’re using this season to slow down and enjoy some time off, or you’re locking in and spending your days working on your biz, there’s something on this list for you…

A Good Planner

A good planner is, of course, helpful throughout the entire year, but during the summer, I feel like it’s especially necessary. I’m a huge fan of time-blocking, and that gets a little tricky during a season of vacations, friends and family visits, and abnormal working hours. Having a trusty planner that I can use to list out and visualize everything I need to do, everything I want to do, and all of the time I have to get it done (all color-coded, of course!) is such a game-changer for staying organized during the summer. I’m currently using this one from The Dailee and just got a new one for the 2024-2025 year. In years past, I’ve used this one from Day Designer– I’m absolutely obsessed with both.

A High Quality SPF

You’re probably thinking, ‘Jessie, what does SPF have to do with owning a small business?’ Well… nothing. It is, however, a crucial part of my summer routine, and it should be a part of yours, too! We’re not risking skin cancer for the tan, okay? In thirty years when we’re older, wiser, and wrinkle-free, we’ll thank our younger selves for slathering SPF all over before heading outside. My favorite for the body is this one from Vacation– it smells like a tropical escape and doesn’t leave you feeling slimy like lots of sunscreens do. Plus, their branding is a DREAM. For my face, I’ve been using this one from Innisfree, a Korean beauty brand, for years now and can’t say enough good things about it. No white cast, no slimy film, and no crazy ingredients. What’s not to love?

Screen Time Boundaries

Friends don’t let friends rot away staring at their phone all day! We’re getting outside! We’re touching grass! We’re living life! I’ll be the first to admit that I have a sickening screen addiction (what can I say? It’s the Gen Z in me), and truly could not find a cure that kept me off of social media, but still allowed me to use the parts of my phone that, ya know, I pay for, like calls, texts, and making sure I don’t miss my exit. That was, of course, until I found Brick. Now, I’m not a tech-smart girly, so I’m not going to try to explain to you what this thing is and how it works. In plain terms: it’s a piece of plastic, and when you tap your phone to it, it will block any apps you don’t want to have access to. I use it to block social media apps while I’m working (my phone is currently Bricked as I write this), and I love that I can use it to block socials and still have access to all of the other features of my phone. I got it in April, and have been singing its praises everyday since.

A Dedicated Morning + Night Routine

Summer can totally throw your routine to the wayside. When everything else is up in the air, I always come back to my morning and night routines. I follow the same four to five steps every morning to start my day, and the same four to five steps every evening to help wind down. I keep these routines super simple, so I’m able to do them at home, when I’m traveling, when we have company– anytime, anywhere. By starting and ending my days the same way, every day, I’m able to stay grounded amidst the chaos of a busy season. Your routine will look different depending on your circumstance and stage of life, but a few non-negotiables for me include: no phone for at least an hour before bed, magnesium to help with deep sleep, an eye mask to block out light, waking up to my Hatch alarm, and moving my body before getting the day started.

Morning Pages

A few months ago, I started (and, if I’m being real, quickly fell out of practice with) The Artist’s Way with a group of friends. In the few weeks that I actually stuck to the 12-week program, I truly learned so much, and one of the takeaways that will stay with me is the concept of morning pages. You can learn more about them here, but it’s basically just a brain dump to start the day. The specific rule in the Artist’s Way is that morning pages must be three pages, but unfortunately, I do not have the attention span for that. I set a timer for 15 minutes instead, and just brain dump away until the timer goes off. It feels like putting my brain through a rinse cycle, for lack of a better description, because it helps clear the chaos of my thoughts before getting the day started. Especially during such an all-over-the-place season like summer time, there are lots of thoughts taking up precious real estate in my head that truly just need to be written about and done away with, and that’s what morning pages are for! 

Let me know if you have any summer must-haves you think I should know about 👀

If we haven’t met– hi! I’m Jessie. I’m a copywriter and the owner of First Rodeo Creative. I write obsession-worthy copy for brands kicking up the dust in their industries. You can learn more about me and what I do by visiting my website or following me on Instagram!

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