The Master Crocheters of Linking Threads Fiber Art Weave Family and Business

By Bethanie Hestermann

The boho macrame wall hangings from Linking Threads Fiber Art capture everything warm and wonderful about handcrafted home décor. Linking Threads is a family art collective run by a mom, Cristina Torres, and her two daughters, Sofia Castedo and Mariana Rengifo. Dip-dyed fibers (often in natural, neutral colors) + a signature wrap-around stitch technique make Linking Threads’ intricate fiber art pieces as unique as they are beautiful. 

The ladies behind Linking Threads say having a support system is so important to their success. They find that sharing their experiences (good + bad) with other artists can be incredibly helpful in navigating the day-to-day of creative life.

Learn more about how these master crocheters weave family and business in today’s Q&A!

Tell us about Linking Threads Fiber Art!

Linking Threads a family art collective founded in Texas by two sisters, Sofia Castedo and Mariana Rengifo, and their mother, Cristina Torres. Our passion for interior design, boho décor, and handcrafted art (especially in the style of macrame wall hangings) set us on a journey to create fiber art that goes beyond the average canvas. It’s because of this passion that each of our one-of-a-kind hangings is designed and handmade in our studio. From every stitch to every dip-dyed fiber, it’s our mission to create captivating art full of movement, texture, and warmth. 

How did you get started creating fiber art? How did it evolve into a business?

We founded Linking Threads after becoming frustrated by the lack of original art for modern boho decor and overwhelmed by the amount of conventional wall art in the market. After we began experimenting with different crochet and dip-dye methods to create unique and vibrant works of fiber art, we realized that we could create art beyond the average canvas. Our business grew organically from our desire to share our original fiber art! 

What don’t people know about what goes into your products + running your business?

A lot of people are surprised at the amount of work that goes into each piece. For instance, we spent over 60 hours on our most recent commission piece!

What’s the best thing about what you create?

The best thing about our work is how Linking Threads is changing the way people experience crochet. Although it has some similarities to macrame, our work is completely original!

What challenges you most about running a small business?

As artists, the biggest challenge is finding a balance between marketing and creating our work. 

Do you have a favorite piece to create?        

We can’t just pick one piece, but our favorite method of making new work is our signature wrap-around stitch. This stitch has allowed us to create increasingly intricate pieces, as seen in our most recent Earthy Luxe, Bohemian Garden, and Southwest collections. 

Which piece are you most proud of?

Our most meaningful work so far is the Monstera pieces, which consist of two complementary wall hangings with images of the monstera leaf in rich greens and blues. These pieces are particularly meaningful because the two master crocheters at Linking Threads, Mariana and Cristina, collaborated on the project to create the two beautiful works. These are one of the few collaborations in our shop!

Where would you love to see your art?

We would love to see our art become more well-known and recognized. Our dream would be to be able to see our art in stores like West Elm. 

What’s your design process like?

We always begin our artistic process by creating a rough sketch of the design. After deciding on the yarn, width, and stitch type for the piece, we work on each individual strand on a temporary dowel. The strands are then crocheted by hand and adjusted often to fit our original design. For the next step, loose threads are cleaned up and the piece is transferred to its permanent dowel. After all finishing touches are done, the piece is then ready for framing—the final step!

Can we get a peek into your studio? Do you have a favorite part? 

We love our studio! This past year, we reorganized our studio and shared the process on Instagram because part of our creative process is taking a step back to regroup, reorganize, and prepare for new projects.

What advice do you have for other small businesses?

To keep going and not be afraid to try new things! 

What keeps you going on the hard days of creating?

We’ve found that good support system is key! Sharing our experience (including those hard days) with other artists can be incredibly helpful and keeps us going.

Follow along with Linking Threads on Instagram at @linkingthreadsfiberart, and click here to see their step by step process.

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