Tracy Pendergast Shares Her “Why” For Creating This Community

Hey, it’s Riley! Over the last couple months we’ve introduced you to a handful of amazing creatives- but until now, we haven’t introduced ourselves! In an effort to share a little more about who we are, Tracy and I interviewed each other!

Here’s a little glimpse into the creative heart of my partner, friend + the co-founder of Daisy Made!

How did you land on creating Daisy Made? And what about Daisy Made makes it feel like this is THE right thing?

I had a blog before Daisy Made and it was named after me, relied on photos of me and basically put me in a position to create a community around myself. I NEVER felt comfortable with that. I kept asking myself how I could create true community, and decided the best way to start was by celebrating others! We’re really mindful of creating an environment where everyone sees themselves and feels welcome- and it brings me (and hopefully others) such joy!

How many different creative pursuits have you had?

Too many to count! I’ve always bounced around! But acting, production, blogging, podcasting and running a small shop are the handful where I’ve spent the most time. I absolutely love trying new things, it’s what keeps me alive.

So, living in New York at 18 as an actress! That must’ve been something! Do you have a favorite story from that time in your life? What kept you going?

It’s so hard to come up with a favorite story- that time in my life was so exciting. I stepped into hundreds of audition rooms in my 10 years there, and developed such an independence and thick skin. I think the beauty of that time was arriving there on my own, knowing no one- and exploring a new city + finding my community. Surrounding myself with others who love to collaborate and support each other is what kept me going then and now.

When and where do you feel most creative?

I feel the most creative after learning from other creative people! I’ve always been this way. Going to a conference, reading something new, watching a live performance, taking a class- these are things that light a fire in me. I absolutely love podcasting for this reason. (Tracy co-hosts a home + garden podcast called Home School’d)

Did you ever think you would go from acting to blogging? 

No. I didn’t ever imagine putting performing on the back burner, honestly. When I became a mom I discovered 2 things: I wanted to be home with my babies as much as possible and I absolutely had to have a creative outlet to feel like ME. This is what nudged me into using my creativity in the online arena.

What is something that surprises people about you?

Life is such a journey! I think people who knew me before kids are surprised to find out I raise my kiddos full time and work late into the evenings after they’re asleep. When moms I’ve met in the last few years learn about my life pre-kids I think they’re like, “What?! You used to shower and do cool stuff?”.

What is one thing that surprises you about yourself?

This year has been so hard, but it’s brought so much growth. I was surprised by how liberated and relieved I felt to let a brand I had built for the last couple years go. I didn’t realize how much pressure I felt keeping up with my “performer” identity.

How many times have you considered getting a normal job? 

I’ve had many normal jobs or “survival” jobs over the years to supplement my creative ventures- and I am way too free-spirited for that kind of structure. I’m never to proud to dive back in as needed, but I really prefer that freelance life.

What do you do when you’re in a funk? How do you get out of it?

Gosh, never was a year as funky as 2020- and I admit, I have really struggled. The biggest thing that I’ve wrestled with is a complete loss of energy (which is to be expected for all of us caught up in these depressing news cycles). The three biggest shifts I make when I’m feeling low are: Put myself on phone/media time-out, turn up some music that brings me joy (Bruno Mars always delivers) and I often give myself license to fall short in terms of work in exchange for rest in the evenings. Resting has never been in my vocabulary, but it has become crucial while homeschooling 2 littles during a pandemic + digesting so much difficult news.

What is your relationship with Instagram and social media in general?

I recently deleted all of my personal social media accounts. Maybe I’ll rebuild them at some point, but currently they aren’t bringing me joy. Everything that makes me happy about social media (collaboration, art and creativity) exists on Daisy Made, and I want to give those accounts all of my energy! As a performer I was taught that no one would take me seriously without a large following, and that put an immense amount of pressure on me. I love the space for MANY reasons, but I don’t think we should have to portray a perfectly curated life in exchange for success. It puts ridiculous pressure on women in particular and I just don’t think it’s healthy.

What is it about creatives that you love?

I love watching someone light up talking about their passion! On Home School’d we’d talk to people about things I’m not interested in at all, like woodworking- and by the end of the interview I’d be like, “Ok, I need wood and a circular saw NOW!”. It’s so exciting to watch others do what they love and it’s infectious.

Tracy with her Home School’d co-host, Aaron Massey

What is one thing you love about the creative world and one thing you hate?

Love seeing others spread joy + love through art.

Hate the pressure for creatives to churn out non-stop content. I think it’s detrimental to small businesses/creatives just starting out to get bombarded with perfection and/or the idea that they have to be creating 24/7 to belong.

What do you need most from the creative community? 

To feel seen and supported. To feel like I can reach out for honest advice and encouragement. The opportunity to learn from others and share my knowledge in return.

Why did you feel pulled to get involved with Daisy Made?

I used to take monthly photos so I’d have Instagram content. I dreaded them, I hated being in them, it all felt weird. I remember telling my photographer, “I can’t do this anymore! This is just yucky!”. I wanted to create a place where I could share everything in my creative heart, without having to be a spokesperson. There are so many people who feel this way, and I want them to have a place to share what they’re working on without the immense pressure of being perfect.

If you could tell one thing to this community, what would it be?

I’m proud of you. Whatever it is you’re doing- I’m proud. It takes guts to create, to put yourself out there, to make time for your passions when life is so busy- but you’re doing it- and that is SO awesome.

What makes you feel the most vulnerable?

Sharing my work with people who actually know me.

What are you the most proud of?

Having the guts to change course over and over, and not feeling like I’ve failed when things don’t work out. This creativity thing is about the journey, and I hope no one feels stuck in one lane.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Tracy! Click HERE to read her interview with me!

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