Velvet Outlaw Specializes in Custom Rodeo Suits for People That Love Nostalgia

Social worker by day + rhinestone stan always, Louisville-based fashion designer Miranda Deaton creates clothing that’s one-of-a-kind. Velvet Outlaw specializes in custom rodeo suits for people that love the nostalgia and novelty of the old, but also appreciate the new.

Miranda uses a moderate to low waste up-cycling method for most of her clothing, and is driven by her customers passion for self-expression, intentional investments and creativity!

Read on as Miranda shares what inspired her personal sewing journey + what drives her meaningful work.

What inspired you to start Velvet Outlaw?

I’ve been sewing my whole life. When I was a kid my mom used to make all of my costumes and my grandfather owns a monogramming business. As a kid I would sit in the basement with him and trim all the threads and help prep orders. My father loves classic rock and country music from the 1940-1980s. He taught me about the greats, Pasty Cline, Elvis, The Eagles, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Glenn Campbell, The Ronettes, and more.  I was obsessed with Elvis (I loved the music, but I loved his outfits even more)!

I have been an artist for my whole life and it’s has taken different renditions as I experimented with different styles and materials. Each step i’ve taken as an artist has influenced and led me to this place of making custom personality clothing. 

Velvet Outlaw creates custom rodeo suits for people that love the nostalgia and the novelty of the old but appreciate the new! We use a moderate to low waste and upcycling method for most of Velvet Outlaw clothing. We want each Velvet Outlaw to feel confident in their custom or ready to wear outfit.

What is a rodeo suit?

Inspired by the original rodeo tailors Nudie Cohn, Rodeo Ben, Nathan Turk, & Manuel Cuevas. Also known as Nudie suits, these flamboyant, rhinestone-encrusted cowboy outfits were worn by country singers beginning in the 1950’s. The suits were popularized by the “singing-cowboys” of Hollywood like Lefty Frizzell, Gene Autry, and Porter Wagoner. Velvet Outlaw draws inspiration from these original makers but takes customization and upcycling to the next level. We provide ready-to-wear embellished suit jackets that are upcycled from thrifted or gifted suits. We will work with you to create your own custom thrifted embellished suit (or any item of clothing) or talk about making one from scratch.

Is Velvet Outlaw your full-time work?

I’m a social worker and I work with people who are facing Capital charges (aka the death penalty). My heart is deeply connected to that work and directly influences the creativity that happens with Velvet Outlaw.

How do you hope your items make others feel? What drives you?

We are one-of-a-kind! Velvet Outlaw does their best to use thrifted, upcycled, or gifted materials to make each custom one-of-a kind item. There are times that we purchase rhinestones or other assembly materials from a retail supplier to ensure the safety and quality of our products. I want them to think about self-expression, intentional investments, and creativity! When someone enters the website / social media (hopefully one day a store) I want them to be excited and feel ” yes!” this is what i’ve been looking for or curious and ready to learn more about the one-of-a-kind clothes we are offering.

You can browse and support Velvet Outlaw by following them here.

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